Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Updates & Announcements

So, I'm sure some of you Taco Salad readers thought we fell off the face of the earth, but we have just been consumed with everything that happens in life.

Jack Updates: Jack turned one October 5th and had a blast at his birthday party. Jack celebrated Halloween, but wasn't quite sure about what to make of the ghoulish night, but he sure made a cute monkey! Finally, the exciting news...Jack started to walk mid November and he's go go go all the time and doesn't want to be held at all anymore.

Brian Updates: No new information to report on Brian's end. He spends his time working and rocking out to the new KISS CD.

Tasha Updates: Well, I have been quite busy in my spare time. I mastered the use of my sewing machine I received as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. I figured it was time to blow off the dust and put it to work. So, I've sewn blankets, pacifier holders and aprons. I've also learned how to make candle tarts for tart warmers. What's one to do with all the items she's made...sell them at craft shows! I had my first one in October and the second one in December. Whatch for me coming to a craft show near you in the fall of 2010!

Finally, my last bit of exciting news is that I've landed a part-time job, where I'll be the Community Relations Coordinator for the new Chick-fil-A on Houston Road. In this position, I'll be responsible for outside business development and marketing. Over the last two weeks I've completed orientation and training has begun. I couldn't be more thrilled about this opportunity and excited to work with such a great group of individuals. The last month has been crazy from interviews, to accepting the position, researching daycares for Jack and now training. However, things are falling into place as they should and Jack had his first day of daycare today and did extremely well with fitting in with the other kids. The only thing he needs to get adjusted to is napping on a mat, but that will eventually happen.

Well, I think that about sums up with our recent news and announcements! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!