Saturday, September 27, 2008

Luck of the Irish

Today, my good buddy Jason Stitt gets married. In the four years that Jason and I have known each other, we've shared some good times and some good memories. One set, in particular: Our trip to Notre Dame a couple of years ago to watch the Irish take on the Tar Heels of North Carolina. Even if you're not a Notre Dame fan (which I have clearly not been since the Lou Holtz days), taking in a game at Notre Dame Stadium is an experience every college football fan should try to do at least once. It was a great day, and I'm glad to have spent it with my good friend. Congratulations Jason and Laura. May Touchdown Jesus and the Luck of the Irish bless your marriage for the rest of your lives.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane Ike Hits Cumberland Circle

Today was hands-down the scariest experience I've had as a homeower. As Hurricane Ike moved north and slightly to the west of the tri-state area, it brought with it win gusts of up to 75 mph (that's hurricane force winds people). Tasha and I spent most of the afternoon without power, and praying that a tree or some other large object would not slam into our home. The winds appear to be subsiding, and aside from taking out one tree that I don't like anyway, and tearing apart a dead elm tree that I was planning on having cut down in the next couple of weeks, we escaped with only minor damage to our home. Here's what the winds did in and around Cumberland Circle this afternoon.

Hopeful Lutheran Church Oktoberfest 2008

Be sure to get out next weekend for Hopeful Oktoberfest (Friday 6-11 pm and Saturday Noon-11 pm). Highlights include a raffle (tickets are $25) for a chance to win a 2008 Mazda Miata or $20,000 cash (the drawing will take place on 9/20 and you do not need to be present to win), a beer garden, a chicken dance with local celebrities, a beer mug relay, carnival games, inflatable rides, and lots of delicious food. 6430 Hopeful Church Road, Florence KY 41042.

T-Minus Four Weeks

On Monday we will only have four weeks left until Jack's due date. Everything's set-up and waiting for him. In fact, J.D. already has more stuff than his Mommy and Daddy. Mommy's starting to feel a lot more uncomfortable, but is holding up like a trooper. She's been absolutley fabulous (pon intended) throughout the entire pregnancy. Here are some updated pictures of Tasha, the nursery, and some of the wonderful gifts Jack has recieved from our friends and family (thanks to you all). You will see a U of L outfit in the pics. Thanks to Uncle Greg and Aunt Kelly Seelbach for that. If I didn't love our good friends so much that sweat-suit would never see the light of day. Also, shout-out to Uncle Brad for the cool Matt Cassell No. 10 USC jersey. Even though he didn't see much of last night's game, Jack's looking forward to another Buckeye Beatdown next year in Columbus. Fight on! Also, special thanks to Aaron Gruelle and the Union Fire Department for setting up the car seats so our little dude can stay safe while riding in style!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How Hurricanes Get Their Names

Every year, during hurricane season, there is much debate about how hurricanes get their names. Here's a little knowledge that you can drop at your next cocktail party.

While alphabetical order is clear, there is much more to naming storms. Short and distinguishable names are now used (as opposed to the older method of identifying a storm by its latitude and longitude).

Every region in the U.S. has its own naming procedure (the storm-prone Atlantic and Eastern North Pacific having the most elaborate), with a pre-approved set of names familiar to that area. The lists are used in rotation every six years, meaning the same list of names that was used to name Gustav will be used again in 2014.

Each of the six alphabetized lists includes 21 pre-approved names, with the letters Q,U,X,Y, and Z excluded.

Lists are not designated by year. If the third name on a list is the last storm to hit, then the first storm of the following year is named simply by picking the next name on the list.

Exceptions to these rules include retiring severe names from the list (Katrina, Andrew, etc.). Also, in extreme conditions, the Greek alphabet is an option in the Atlantic. As a back-up, storms take on names like Hurricane Alpah and Tropical Storm Beta whan all 21 names from that year's pre-approved list have already been used.

So, there you have it. Stay dry.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fight On!

Taco Salad is fired up and ready for Saturday's big match-up against the Buckeyes!

Helping Out

Dexter is so excited about Jack's arrival that he's volunteered to act as Jack's boppy if the other one from Babies R Us does not work out.