Tuesday, July 7, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

Given that I'm a SAHM now, I am fortunate enough to witness important moments in history and today was one of those days with the memorial for Michael Jackson.

I remember being little and thinking he was the coolest thing ever, but as I got older and was able to form my own opinions, I thought he was an odd character and as the years went by, this opinion grew stronger.

It was not until today, during his memorial, when his daugther got up to the microphone and said how he was the best dad ever and how much she loved him. I then realized he was just like you and I. I then felt bad of forming opinions of a man that I never knew. One thing is for sure, he was a wonderful dad to his kids and at the end of the day, this is what is most important.


Anonymous said...

I agree one hundred percent with you Tasha. Has our world become so cold and cynical as to think a human being could not be obsessed with love. Could he love children so much as to want to be around them constantly. I love my son, i want to be around him constantly. His songs were about love, being alone, and fighting unfair boundries. All things he faced for many decades. Rest in Peace King of Pop. A little piece of my childhood died today.


Anonymous said...

MJ was a truly talented man, and most unique in many ways. His children obviously loved him very much and from all appearances he loved them very much.
It is sad that such a man with so much to offer met his demise in such a tragic way (if indeed it was a drug over dose).
In the end, we are all a member of the human race regardless of our differences, be they physical, financial or anything else.
We all face some kind of struggle in our lives...all of us, Michael was no exception and apparently faced many struggles with his fame and fortune. He leaves children and family who are grieved just like anyone of us would be and the talent industry has lost a great performer.
At the end of the day,we all will take our final breath,regardless of our fame, financial status or many posessions, hopefully we will have made some positive impact on the lives of others in some respect. I realize that many people do not think he made much of any kind of positve impact, but looking at the faces of those children who were so sad because they no longer have their daddy tells me otherwise. Rest in Peace Michael