Saturday, September 5, 2009

11 Months

Jack is 11 months old today and would you believe, he still isn't crawling and doesn't have any teeth! He tries so hard to crawl, gets frustrated and just gives up. I do think he might skip crawling and just start walking. My mom taught him how to walk and ever since then the little booger doesn't want to sit and wants you to walk him around the house. Oh well, perhaps one day he'll just take off crawling.

He's been saying Momma since about 5 months old and just recently starting saying Dada. He also does this little shy pose if someone comes up and starts talking to him even though he is the furthest thing from being shy. He has come to love the Lawrence Welk show (thanks Dad), very odd but if it keeps him occupied for a good amount of time I'm okay with it! Given that he loves Lawrence Welk, I think he might just be an elderly person who has died and has been reincarnated in my son! Jack also received his first haircut a couple of weeks ago and is now sporting a very cute cut!

I will say that the past 11 months with Jack have been wonderful and it is hard to believe that he'll be a year old next month. People warned me that they grow up fast and there were soooo right. Hope you enjoy the recent pics!

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tina riddell said...

love his spaghetti face!! are you starting to think about what to do for his first birthday?